I'm Rebecca, and I started MissHotcakes in 2009, selling both jewelry and vintage items.

MissHotcakesVintage (Etsy) still exists in a much smaller capacity, but now the focus is unique handmade jewelry.

 I started silversmithing in 2015, and felt like I'd really found my favorite thing ever.

Speaking of my favorites, I have always loved weird, dark things.
I've lived my whole life in the southwest, so I feel akin to this part of the US. The desert is a part of me!
I love everything I make and would wear it myself.

I'd gladly do a custom piece for you, if you'd like. Just contact me!
There's no shipping cost in the U.S.
Orders include a polishing cloth to keep your piece shiny, as applicable.

Thanks for looking! I appreciate you.


- Rebecca / MissHotcakes

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